Tiki Toki: Create an Interactive Timeline and bring History to Life

Tiki Toki is a web based tool that allows you to make beautiful interactive timelines that contain video, text and images and bring history to life in engaging and immersive ways.

As a consumer you are forced to engage with the content by navigating your way through the timeline but as a creator you are empowered to develop your own historical narratives that can be focused at individual, local or international levels.

Tiki Toki can be used at individual and collaborative levels, allowing a diverse range of viewpoints and interpretations to be included and compared and authoring to take place on shared projects. Tiki Toki can be mastered in a matter of minutes and delivers stunning results and is bringing history into the 21st Century.

Use it as a tool to:

  • Develop Community Histories
  • Develop Personal Lifelines
  • Understand Global Events
  • Present contentious or Divided Histories
  • Track emerging stories/events
  • Co-Author timelines with other Schools/Yeargroups/Subject Areas etc
  • Plan Forthcoming Events



or watch the video below:

(From http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EdZUUVMSNJ8)



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